Tis the season

Another fall semester is in the books. The cool autumn air gave way to what looks to be a pretty cold winter. We’ve even had a few snow days as a result. It has been a fun semester though. All of the students’ projects have been great. We are all impressed at the quality of work they have produced. We plan to have their work on our Vimeo page very soon, so keep an eye out for that.

You can view previous student work as well: http://vimeo.com/user4326906

It has definitely been a far from quiet few months. Back in October, we had film director, Eduardo Sanchez, come and give a talk to students. He has directed such films as “The Blair Witch Project” and “Lovely Molly.” He is also currently working on his latest feature, “Maulers,” which he plans to shoot locally in Frederick.

Here is a short video of his visit to FCC.

Eduardo Sanchez Visit from FCC Digital Media Design TV on Vimeo.

While we look forward to the time off for winter break, we also look foward to both the new year and the new semester.

Getting social

As a way to promote the program more, we have joined a few social media sites so you can get a closer look at what we do here at Frederick Community College’s Digital Media Design Television Production program.

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Ready the Popcorn

After a long, relaxing summer, we resume the year with the start of a new school year and a new semester. So many fresh faces eager to learn all there is about television production.

One of the great things about the Television Production here at Frederick Community College is that we pride ourselves on a comprehensive hands-on learning environment. While theory is very important in understanding the art of making movies and television shows and programming, tactile, or kinetic, learning is key to getting familiar with the equipment and how it works on set. Within the first week, students are taught the workings of an EFP camera. They are then given the chance to take the camera outside of the classroom and do some practice shooting around campus.

This is also a time where the students get to interact and work with their group members to figure out how the group dynamic works, including assigning roles on the set. The program manager, Jason Santelli, plays a limited role in how the groups form, allowing the students to gain a sense of responsibility and understand what works and doesn’t work within the group. He only mediates when needed.

The groups also have to go through several brainstorming sessions to formulate their ideas for their first project: the infomercial.

Each class is given a class-long presentation on the basics of screenwriting. The presentation highlights the importance of a script and all of the parts that make up a screenplay, including story structure, plot, conflict, characters, and dialogue. After the presentation, students should have a general understanding of how to construct script for the screen.

Here is a brief video of things by Filmmaker IQ that also touches on some of the things covered during the presentation:

The Origins and Formatting of Modern Screenplays from FilmmakerIQ.com on Vimeo.

The students have been eager to put their ideas into production and just based on their pitches, it looks like it is going to be a great semester. 

Looks like it is summer again. After all the snow had melted and spring came and gone, it’s nice to see all the graduates walking across the stage. Some will be going straight into the workforce, while others will be transferring to their four-year college or university of choice.

It is an exciting time in their lives. We wish them the best on their endeavors.

Things are quiet over here at the FCC Digital Media Design department. We have seen our share of great student projects. Once we have all the final grades submitted, we will be sure to have a selection of the best videos uploaded to our Vimeo page.

Even though the winter break seemed short, we can’t say that we aren’t glad to be back for the new semester. As we all know, winter doesn’t last forever. Sooner or later, the sun will come out and the snow will melt and it’ll be spring again.

Fresh new faces have graced the Digital Media classes. There are also many returning students as well. We even have some students who will be graduating after this semester. One last hurrah before they go on to a four-year university or into the job field.

We look forward to seeing some of the creative possibilities that the students will come up with. It’s always great to see what they can do. As usual, the CMM 152 classes will be working on their first project — an informercial. 

CMM 252 students will be working on their semester-long project, and the editing courses will be learning how to edit videos using both Final Cut Pro X and Avid Media Composer.

We will be sure to post some of the student projects once they are done. 

Here is one of the students’ short movies from last semester:

We Heart Earthlings from FCC Digital Media Design TV on Vimeo.

Promotional video for the Spring 2013 course, CMM222 - Sound Design for Film and Television. Features course instructor, Campbell Millar. Course is part of Frederick Community College’s Digital Media Design Television Department.

Going into the third act (Fall 2012)

It’s getting closer and closer to the end of the semester.  Approximately three weeks left until we close out the Fall and head into the the winter months.  Spring will be shortly after that, and we all know what spring brings with it; another semester and more eager students ready to learn.

All of the Digital Media classes have been going well.  Students in all of the studio classes have been hard at work with their projects.  We’ve seen a lot of creative short movies being made by everyone.  

In the Digital Studio Production classes, we had the students work on a script project where they were given a “mad-libs” style script, which they had to adapt to fit their own vision.  

Their final project is free-for-all short movie, where they come up with their own idea.  They were given the opportunity to make it an open-ended sitcom so that it could be completed by students in the next semester.  Something completely new and different.  Looking at some of the footage that was already shot, we feel there will be a lot to work with for the next incoming classes.

The groups in the Digital Film Production classes have been hard at work with their projects, which is a semester long production of a 10-15 minute short movie.  All of the groups are now in their post production phases.  We are excited to see what they will have turned in.  It’s all coming down to the wire.

The Editing courses are all busy working on putting together title sequences for movies they shot earlier in the semester.  They were also given the “mad-libs” script to adapt into a movie.  We will be posting some of the finished projects on the Vimeo site:  http://vimeo.com/user4326906

FCCTV will be airing their final show of the year coming up in December.  There will be a segment highlighting November’s Veteran’s Day celebration, a cooking show, and a promo for a new Sound Design for Film and Television course, which is starting Spring 2013.

In Full Swing (Fall 2012)

After a long summer, and surviving the record temperatures, we’re back for another year of fun and movie-making here at FCC’s Digital Media Department. 

The new semester is already in full swing.  A lot of shiny new faces in all of our classes.  Students eager to learn about digital media and television production.  Not only are we seeing students who have picked digital media as a major, but also a large influx of graphic design students as well.  Maybe we can persuade them to take up digital media instead.

All of the classes are working on their first projects.  Script are being written and revised.  Some of the students from the Digital Studio Production courses have already started shooting their infomercials.  A lot of interesting ideas floating around.  We are eager to see their final products.

Unlike in the past, the editing classes have seen a schedule change this semester.  Instead of classes being in the evening, there are two different classes on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, as well as one on Friday morning.  The transition has benefited students in that they are able to take the class when it is more convenient for them. 

We look forward the rest of the semester, and the students’ projects as they come along.

Showtime (Student Productions from Spring 2012)

Although the spring semester is over, we have a few student productions we would like to share with you.  You can view them over at our Vimeo page here:  http://vimeo.com/user4326906

The three projects we are showcasing are:


Drifters of a Hostile Revolution trailer

John Henergy Energy Drink infomercial

While we are only able to show projects from three of the student groups this time around, we can say that everyone put in tremendous effort on their productions.

Summer Fun at the DMD

The summer semester has officially started.  After all the excitement from the spring term, and watching some of the graduates walk across the stage, we are back in the studio with a new group of students who are eager to get their hands on some cameras and start working on some videos.  We have a few returning faces from the Digital Studio Production courses, who are now talking the Digital Film Production course.  There are quite a few new faces as well. 

We look forward to seeing what kind of projects they will be making.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted on their progress.

In FCCTV news, Channel 23 programming is currently on hiatus for the summer.  Instead, there will be promos and commercials being made.  We will highlight their progress as well.